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simona hristakova
simona hristakova
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Status:Working model
Mother tongue:French
More languages:english
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 Member since:02/04/2008
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Summary i am 18 years ago,i have dog-Johnny.i live with my parents are separated and my dad live in Sofia.
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Age 26
Tatoos No
Freckles No
Eye catching scars No
fashion interests Accessories, Ad campaigns, Cars, Celebrities, Clothes, Electronics, Famous designers, Fashion magazines, Fashion shows, Future of fashion, Lingerie, Places, Popular brands, Shoes, Sunglasses, Tailoring, Watches
10 things about you
1. Why do you model / want to model? this is my dream when i was little girl
2. What's great about your hometown? it's beautiful and very old with wonderful story...
3. What is your dream? to be a model in other country
4. What was your worst lie ever? i don't know.i haven't.
5. What is your best truth? that who i am-natural and love truth girl.
6. Why is it great to live on earth? Earth.because here have true life with other senses and people,with love...
7. What do you love about our world? strange,with love,pain and many good people.
8. What do you hate about our world? the lairs!!!!
9. What was the best moment in your life? when they accepted me in French school and when i was in italia.
10. Tell us 10 things you want to do before you die! 1.i want to be loved truth
2.i want to have family,kids and good husband
3.i want see all the world
4.i want have money and good life
5.i wand stay to my children every thing for good life
6.i want to be a model
7.i want to be in face to magazine
8.i want to go in Egypt with my mom
9.i want my father understand me and love me more
10.i want stay good person

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Business details
Status Working model
Modelling category commercial
Mother tongue: French
Spoken languages: english
Sports Aerobic, Basketball, Biking, Bodybuilding, Bowling, Dancing, Darts, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball
Music Blues, Dance, Disco, Folk, Latin, Pop, R&B / Soul, Rap / Hip Hop, Rock
Other Interests Business News, Computer & Video Games, Concerts, Internet Surfing, Museums, Photography, Shopping, Singing, Theater
Metropolis: milano marittima
Holiday destination: black sea
Drink: martini
Car brand: mercedess
Fashion label: dolce & gabbana
Musician: anna tatangelo
Actor: jony depp
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