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Angela Lai
Angela Lai
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Status:Working model
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Rebecca Ronda
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14.09.2008 09:58 am
so sweet face, good luck !
09.06.2008 10:31 am
Nice pics!!! Welcome to huhcit...
27.05.2008 06:09 pm
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Summary i am 17 years old, 168cm tall, 52kg. ((:
i have a great smile but dont know how to make up.
all i need is for you, to give me the change, give me a complete makeover, and see me shine. =]]

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Look / Measurements
Sex female
Age 25
Hair color black
Hair length long
Hair straight
Ethnicity chinese
Eye color black
Skin tanned
Teeth excellent
Height 168
Weight 52
Waist 67
Bust/Chest 85
Cup size (women only) A
Hips (women only) 93
Shoe size 40.5
Tatoos No
Freckles No
Piercing ear
Eye catching scars No
Professional status new face
Experience level no experience
10 things about you
1. Why do you model / want to model? i feel that i have the makings of being one.
2. What's great about your hometown? it gives me the feeling of home.
3. What is your dream? i want to become a top model and win pageants.
4. What was your worst lie ever? it was that i find myself ugly.
5. What is your best truth? it is that i made mistakes before in my life.
6. Why is it great to live on earth? i can smile and be happy.
7. What do you love about our world? it has a place for everyone.
8. What do you hate about our world? it is unfair, some are just born less fortunate than the others.
9. What was the best moment in your life? it was when i finished a race, gloriously.
10. Tell us 10 things you want to do before you die! 1. Appear in cover page of magazines.
2. Complete my educational system, to university.
3. Be an air stewardess.
4. Go for event photo shoots and be pretty.
5. Get good results.
6. Have a happy family.
7. Live my life happily, without regrets.
8. Run great races and beat my own personal best.
9. Make lots of friends.
10. Pursue all that i wan to acheive.

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Business details
Status Working model
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