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Old 16.05.2007, 06:50
Reiners Reiners is offline
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Default Food Diary of a Fashion Model

Food Diary of a Fashion Model
New York Magazine has listed the 7-day food diaries of four people in the fashion industry; two models, fashion editor, and producer.

Here is the article:

It lists a few examples of food diaries.
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Old 29.06.2007, 20:25
lira lira is offline
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Cant Imagine Myself On A Diet Like That! The Best Rule Is To Eat Before 7 Pm= Its Always Works
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Old 24.05.2008, 02:49
hackeem hackeem is offline
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Default gaining heaight

can anybody tell me the best nutritious meals to gain heights??

im 172 cm tall and i guess that's not enough for a runway male model!

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Old 16.06.2008, 12:24
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Models have to eat very little and exercise every day, but it's their choice to model so if they want to make it big, they have to have the "perfect body"
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Old 17.06.2008, 15:42
Caramel88 Caramel88 is offline
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That is right Lira. It is best to avoid eating late at night. It has health benefits. Try eating whole grains as well. They keep you full for a longer period, thus keeping your energy levels high for a longer period as well. You don't have to completely avoid cravings such as chocolate, all you have to do is eat in moderation. Don't indulge. Increase your metabolism rate with chillies in your diet. Plus don't forget your daily work out. Good luck guys!!!
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Old 03.07.2008, 09:52
cazandrah cazandrah is offline
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Lächeln my mr. right

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Old 03.07.2008, 10:01
cazandrah cazandrah is offline
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Default hoe to be fit?

being a sexy or having a loving body is a obsession, but how to be fit and sexy? thats my question
well for me having enough exercise and rest is help you to discipline yourself
get a good diet procedure and be more vegetarian... avoiding faty food...
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Old 16.07.2011, 13:17
fashion4me fashion4me is offline
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That's too little food in my opinion. I also go to workout nearly everyday. But I think you can achieve your goals by eating normal amounts of food!
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Old 04.09.2011, 19:50
BaskingInTheStarlight BaskingInTheStarlight is offline
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Rotes Gesicht

i have never been on a diet and ive never exceeded 95.8lbs. im 16 now and i lose weight way too easily. so i eat alot in a day. i think i have the opposite of a thyroid problem. and ive never really thought much about whats healthy to eat and how many calories is in a bowl of lucky charms. but ive noticed that my food preferences have leaned towards the healthy side. such as preferring apple juice to soada, honey instead of sugar, fruit salad instead of a cheesburger. and ill crave a good salad. but im not going to lie i have my unhealthy habits. such as cereal straws, sweedish fish, gummy worms, brownies, do-nuts, reeses cups, lucky charms, Cinnamon toast with honey, peanut butter out of the jar, cupcakes, and cream cheese icing. i dont know why im like this, because no one else in my family has a fast motabolism. what can i say i guess im a lucky freak of nature. but im Me and thats whats makes it OK.

ps: and i get alot of exercise because i have a horse that i try to ride everyday and ive got a healthfreak for a boyfriend lol

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